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Témoignage clients : Libérer le Potentiel des Achats

Découvrez comment nous travaillons avec nos clients, de différents secteurs pour augmenter les performances de leur entreprise, gérer les risques et stimuler l’innovation au sein de l’entreprise, en libérant le potentiel de leurs Achats.

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Mersen – Gestion du Risque Fournisseur

Etude de cas : Mersen

Accédez à la présentation de Charles Henry Vollet, Directeur Achats et Systèmes d’Information Groupe, lors de sa participation à la conférence sur la Gestion du Risque Fournisseur effectuée aux Salons Solutions le 7 octobre 2015.

McDonald’s Procurement – Digital Transformation

Case Study: McDonald’s

The web portal created to optimise the procurement process manages the entire relationship online, from selection to negotiation. Reactions to the initiative have been very positive: by registering with the portal, suppliers can see straight away what sort […]

Autogrill Procurement Management

Case Study: Autogrill

The group now has a presence in 30 countries, with 70% of turnover generated outside Italy, and has reorganised its processes from a single-country approach to centralised teams. Aldo Papa, global head of procurement activities, explains the goals of […]


Case Study: Crossrail

Crossrail is one of the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK and is currently the largest construction project in Europe.

The numbers involved are testimony to its size and complexity: 10,000 people working across 40 sites; […]

The Post Office

Case Study: The Post Office

The Post Office provides a wide range of products and services to the public. Through its UK-wide network of more than 11,000 post office branches, Post Office provides a local service to communities, including mail services, […]